Maureen Girard's Piano Studio
Langley, Wa.  360.221.0362

​​​Studio Policy

All lessons are held at my studio with
2 grand pianos in a relaxed, condusive environment

Weekly piano lessons are scheduled Mondays through Fridays, September through May and run concurrent with the public
school calendar.

 Monthy tuition rates are based on an average of 4 lessons per month and include costs for 2 piano recitals 
and 2 piano classes each year.  Tuition is the same amount each month (Sept. through May) and is due in advance at the 
beginning of the month.  Summer lessons are available by appointment and are pro-rated.

Missed lessons can be made up at a time that is mutually convenient.  I prefer that students stay home if they are sick and 
that we make up that lesson.

Recitals and Piano Classes are announced in advance and are held in the beginning of December and the beginning of 
june each year.

The tuition fee schedule is:

  $120.00 per month - 30 minute private lesson
  $165.00 per month - 45 minute private lesson
  $220.00 per month - 60 minute private lesson

Students should bring a spiral bound 8  1/2" x 10" notebook for assignments, and their music books to each lesson.
I will let you know when new books are needed and email links to you of places where you can order them.

I will always make myself available to discuss any aspect of your child's musical development or to answer any questions
or concerns.  

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